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We are the UK distributor for Secco International ventilation products, we can supply and install anything from a parlour fan right up to a fully automated system incorporating both fans and ventilation curtains.

secco basket fan

Basket fans

Basket fans are available in two sizes,
24 inch and 36 inch diameter
High output fans,
Ideal for keeping stock cool in the summer
Fly and insect control
Many applications including, parlours, collecting yards and young stock housing.
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secco big air

Big Air Fans

High volume, low speed fan.
Quiet operation.
6 blades
Available in 3 sizes, 16 ft, 20 ft and 24 ft (4.9, 6.1 and 7.3m)
Variable speed, reversible for all year round use, summer cooling, winter warming
Optional automatic controller to work with temperature sensor
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secco vhv fan

VHV Fans

High speed, low volume
Available in 2 sizes, 50 inch and 72 inch.
Adjustable wind deflectors, optimise distance and direction
Can throw air 30m (100f).
Optional variable speed.
One controller can operate 4 fans simultaneously.
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secco isocell

Isocell ventilation curtain

Maximum length of up to 100m with a single system.
Minimises heat loss with excellent insulation value.
Excellent luminosity, lets plenty of light in.
Opens and closes in a number of stages to allow air to trickle in, or for full air circulation.
Bird barrier fitted as standard.
Controller can be integrated with ventilation fans, chimneys and optional weather station.
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secco positive ventilation tube

Positive ventilation tubes

Bespoke, made to measure ventilation tubes.
The aim is to achieve at least 4 air changes in the building per hour.
Outlets and fan size and tube diameter would be tailor made to your building.
Main application is youngstock housing and other low rooved, poorly ventilated buildings.

secco expert 21

Integrated systems

The Expert 21+ controller can allow integration of all ventilation systems in a single barn, for example, manage natural ventilation such as curtains, chimneys and roof vents and also mechanical ventilation fans. Up to 8 temperature probes can be used indoors and can also be linked up with a weather station to incorporate, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and outside temperature.
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