We offer a wide range of services from coatings to barn equipment.

feed passage coating picture

Feed Passage Coatings

It’s like giving your animals a plate to eat off !

SC Feed Passage Coating is a 3 part epoxy resin applied over concrete in a feed trough or in front of a feed barrier.

dairy coating picture

Dairy Coatings

As well as feed passage coatings, we also supply and install other epoxy resin coatings suitable for on farm use.

dairy cow led lighting

LED Lighting

We supply and install manual and automatic LED lighting systems suitable for cubicle houses, milking parlours workshops etc.

industrial epoxy resin coating

Other Industrial Coatings

We can install Polyurethane, Epoxy and MMA resin floors and walls, safety flooring, decorative and anti-slip systems.

leaking silage clamp repair

Silage Clamp Repairs

Polymer screed for sealing gaps and cracks where normal sand and cement mixtures would break up with machinery traffic. Slab joints can be resealed using a polyurethane sealant.

rubber matting

Rubber Matting

We supply and install the range of EasyFix matting and mattresses for parlours, walkways and cubicle buildings. Greater comfort for you and your cows!

cow shed ventilation


We are the UK distributor for Secco International ventilation products. We can supply and install anything from a parlour fan right up to a fully automated system incorporating both fans and ventilation curtains.

roatary pendulum cow brush

Cow Brushes

We have just launched our electric rotary pendulum cow brush. Featuring auto start/stop, auto reverse and 360 degree swivelling motion.


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