Rubber Matting

Greater comfort for you and your cows!

We supply and install a range of Easyfix mats and mattresses.

Rubber matting is becoming more popular across farms, being an increase in cow comfort and improving cow welfare. Rubber improves grip and stability over concrete floors, less cows falling, improved confidence and less foot problems. Mats are best placed in areas of high traffic, in areas of prolonged standing (ie infront of a feed fence and in the parlour) and also where the cow has to turn around sharp corners.

Recent projects that we have completed are, milking parlours, collection and dispersal yards, walkways, steps into a parlour, cross overs in cubicle sheds and in front of feed fences. We use heavy duty 1m x 1m interlocking mats, these can be driven on for scraping out or even feeding with a feeder wagon.

calving box mattingmilking parlour step matting

Also available is a range of different mattresses from standard rubber mattresses (25mm) to foam mattresses (35mm) up to double foam mattresses (50mm). These are available either as interlocking mats or straight edge.

parlour matting

We also supply and fit mats for the parlour pit, improves operator comfort, alleviates some of the stress and strain of working in the parlour. The EVA mats also help insulate your feet from the cold concrete floor. The mats can be installed either blue, green or blue and green chess board pattern.


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