Floor and passage coating could boost intakes

Shepherd Coatings Ltd

feed passage coating

Designed to keep feed passages clean and improve intakes by making it more comfortable for cows to eat, a new floor coating has been launched by Shepherd Coatings Ltd (SCL).

SCL Cow Feed Passage Coating is an epoxy resin-based mix, which is applied in one coat over concrete and provides a smooth surface for the feeding area.

According to its manufacturer it is more hygienic than concrete and also helps to reduce wastage.

The ingredients in the coating were originally developed for use in the civil engineering industry, which required a hard-wearing floor surface which was resistant to chemical damage.

The coating is not affected by harsh chemicals and therefore it does not corrode like concrete, as well as being up to four times stronger, says the manufacturer. The mix can also be used to line troughs, can be power-washed and comes in a range of colours.

Application rates (which may vary, depending on condition of underlying concrete) or 4kg/sq.m on roughs floors and 2.5kg/sq.m on new floors.

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