It’s like giving your animals a plate to eat off !

SC Feed Passage Coating is a 3 part epoxy resin applied over concrete in a feed trough or in front of a feed barrier.

Some of the benefits are listed below

• Can improve dry matter intakes (DMI)
• Provides a nicer, smoother surface for the cow to lick off
• Cows lick the surface keeping it cleaner
• Does not harbour bacteria
• Less wastage / less contamination
• No loose material causing debris to be mixed with feed.
• Easy to clean
• Will need to be cleaned less often
• Power washable
• Rubber / tyre feed pushers / robot pushers can be used
• Acid resistant non porous surface protects concrete
• Extremely hard wearing
• Can be driven on
• Around 4 times harder than concrete
• Coloured appearance makes any feed waste / dirt easy to see
• Can be used on new / old concrete
• Can be used on smooth / rough concrete

feed passage coatingfeed passage coating


We install 95% of all feed passage coatings sold, we have a team of trained and experienced installers who will install the coatings anywhere in the UK. We use all of our own machinery and equipment to carry out the installations which we have built up over the years that we have been offering the product for sale.

First step of the process is to wash off the areas to coat which is done by the farmer and left to dry out before our installation team arrives. The installation team will use one of our many grinders suitable for the type of installation and on new concrete a light grind to remove the laitance. Rougher concrete requires more time and effort to grind, the smoother we can get the surface to be, the less product we will need and the cheaper it will be for you.

Next is to apply the primer and leave for the primer to go off, either a 90 minute or an overnight primer is available. Once the primer is set, the epoxy resin is mixed and trowelled down at approximately 2mm thick. During this process the area coated is spiked several times using a spiked roller to remove any air and to aid the self-levelling properties of the product.

The coating will be hard after half a day and fully cured and ready to use a few days later depending on ambient temperatures.

The coating season is weather dependent, it requires temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius (including overnight temperatures) and it needs to be dry until it goes hard, rainfall before this time could damage the coating and create water marks.

Sky blue feed passage coatingGEA green feed passage coating


It is available in a range of colours as shown in the pictures below, however we mainly use and stock 4 different colours, colour choice is largely down to personal preference however we would recommend using a light colour in a trough so that it will reflect some light and make it appear less dark at the bottom so that the cow will eat to the bottom.

Sky Blue
Mid Blue
Moss Green
GEA / Westfalia Green

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